This new Battery Buffer is the first compact design that is made with high quality components that can withstand outstanding high current loads of 24 Amperes continuous. The Battery Buffer is a high power protection circuit that allows two voltage sources to be paralleled safely. It is designed to work with any combination of battery packs and battery eliminator circuits that has an output voltage of up to 50 Volts. Paralleling connection of either battery packs or battery eliminator circuits is highly not recommended without the battery buffer. This can cause either your battery pack or battery eliminator circuit to be damaged even if there is a slight difference in voltage between the two sources. Battery packs will degrade or even burst in flames dependant on the battery chemistry if they are paralleled, and especially when there is a voltage difference between the two. The battery buffer can protect your battery pack and/or battery eliminator circuit by preventing voltage from feeding back to each other. The higher voltage of the two sources will be go through the output of the battery buffer circuit and if the higher voltage source ever drops below the second source, then the second source will take over and vice versa. The battery buffer is intended to provide redundant voltage source to power today’s more demanding R/C models. With the battery buffer circuit you can have peace in mind with your redundant battery eliminator circuit and/or battery pack, if one fails the other will still keep your R/C model alive. The battery buffer is a must have unit for all R/C systems that uses redundant power sources.

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  • Provides safe redundant power by paralleling  two battery packs or battery eliminator circuits or combination of the two
  • Protects voltage from feeding back to the connected voltage sources
  • High current capability of 24 Amps continuous with voltages up to 50 Volts (60V Peak)
  • Low forward voltage drop from 0.2V to 0.5V from input to output
  • Protects against Reverse Battery connections
  • Three LED status indicators gives visual feedback
  • Ideal for all R/C model power redundancy applications



  • Height - 7.6 mm
  • Width - 24.7 mm
  • Length - 22 mm
  • Weight - 11 grams
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